5 Hydrating Products To Use This Winter

Healthy, hydrated skin and hair is so, so important! It’s even more important during those cold winter months, and if you’re someone living in a place where it’s dry and freezing most of the year, then having a few heavy-duty skincare/hair products is a MUST!

It wasn’t until this year that I got serious about my skincare routine. My skin would get so dry, red, cracked, and itchy in the winter. My hair was brittle and putting on makeup was a joke. My skin was SO angry! I was using extremely drying cleansers and I thought I could get away with only applying lotion once a week if that!

I promised myself that this winter I would take better care of myself, get into a routine, and stay ahead of the dry, red, angry skin! And now that I’m getting older, I’m realizing how crucial it is to take care of what you got! There are so many great products out there that won’t empty your wallet so really, there was no excuse for going another winter with miserable, dull skin.

Before winter hit, I played around with tons of products to find out what I liked and what would work for my skin type and hair. I love products that hydrate but don’t leave a greasy feeling or look. So, I narrowed down 5 favorites that I can’t believe I lived without last winter! They’ve saved my skin, and if you’re in the same boat I was in last winter, this rundown is for you! Let’s dive in!

Neutrogena: Hydro Boost water gel

My aunt works in dermatology and she gave me a few sample-sized tubes of this to try. I used it on my face after washing it and as a moisturizer before applying makeup in the morning. I was in love with what it did. It dries almost immediately, doesn’t look greasy (even at the end of the day), and it’s extremely hydrating! No more dry, flakey, bright red cheeks! This is now my go-to, every day moisturizer.


This is a splurge item for sure at $32 for 7.9 Oz. It is super rich, all natural, it smells like a dream and oh my goodness… it will literally give life to your locks during the dryer months! This is a treat for my hair so I don’t use it unless we’re in the throes of winter or my hair is looking extra dry. I typically go through one container a year. And although it’s pretty heavy, it leaves my locks super bouncy and shiny. I love what it does! The only thing I don’t like is the rising price and decreasing size. This is a product that seems to get more expensive each year. Not only does it get pricier, but I noticed that the company has reduced the ounces too (I’ve saved a few of my old containers). If you check out this product on their website, you’ll see what I mean. Their stock photo shows 8.6 fl. oz. on the container but in the details below, you’ll see that you only get 7.9 fl. oz. It’s a shame because this is such a quality product! I realize the economy changes and I can understand a tiny price increase, but don’t significantly reduce the size of the product too. We notice, Lush.

Tarte: Deep Dive Cleansing Gel

For the last 5 years, I have used the same (horrible, drying, harsh, chemical-filled, cheap) face wash. I really didn’t think a good cleanser mattered. Just this year, I realized that was the root of my skin issues, especially in the winter! A cleanser shouldn’t leave your face feeling tight, dry, flakey, and flushed. I knew it was time to upgrade and find a cleanser that met my skin’s needs. I had heard so many great things about tarte’s cleanser and when tarte ran their 30% off site-wide sale, I had to grab it! And let me just tell ya, everything changed the moment I started using this! The flaking, blotchiness, and tightness has completely disappeared. I use this every night on my face and I don’t know how I lived without it! It’s so gentle and yet it removes ALL of my makeup, AND it leaves my skin smooth, hydrated, and calm! Great skin starts with a great cleanser and I can’t say enough about tarte’s!

Neutrogena: Norwegian Formula hand cream

Another skin concern I have during the winter is dry, cracked hands! I’m guilty of forgetting my gloves at home, and if you don’t moisturize before leaving the house or going outside to walk the dog, your hands are bound to become painfully dehydrated. This year I was determined to prevent that from happening…. Because who likes a million little paper cuts? So, I turned to this hand cream! It’s a very serious moisturizer. It almost reminds me of Neosporin. It has the same consistency initially but then it dries after a few minutes and locks in that moisture until it’s washed off! I try to apply this before leaving the house or before bed.

Dove: Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash

Believe it or not, I was using the SAME (horrible, drying, harsh, chemical-filled, cheap) face wash that I mentioned earlier on the rest of my body for the past 5 years too! I think I got stuck in a routine and didn’t realize how much damage I was actually doing or that there were OTHER products out there that would do the same thing, for the same price, without sucking the life out of my skin! So I picked up a little bottle of this Dove body wash to use while traveling this year and I was seriously amazed at the results. After one shower, my skin WAS actually smoother, softer and hydrated just like the packaging claims! I’m currently on my second full-size bottle of this stuff (in the scent coconut milk with jasmine petals) and I’ve never looked back.


As simple as it is, water is a huge part of healthy skin and hair. You can use every hydrating skin product on the market, but if you’re not drinking enough water throughout the day… it’s going to show. I carry a Starbucks cold cup everywhere with me (like the one I mentioned here in my gift guide) and I fill it up multiple times a day. It makes getting my daily dose of H2O easier. So, figure out what’s easiest for you and make sure you’re hydrating from the inside out!

These are my top 5 recommendations for hydrated hair and skin that stays soft all winter long! I’m loving each of the products that I mentioned above and I hope you try them out! Feel free to let me know if you’re absolutely crazy about a skincare/hair product this season!

Great hair and flawless skin starts with a good regimen… and you have to stick with it, too! Don’t skip steps and do them every single day! Try to keep the same 5-7 products in the line up so they’re actually effective. Always check ingredient labels to make sure your products aren’t loaded with drying agents like alcohol and salicylic acid. Look for lotions and cleansers with natural, soothing ingredients! If you have sensitive skin that becomes parched when the temperature drops, stick to these 5 items and you’ll be golden!