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I have been dreaming about starting a blog for the longest time and, on November 1st, I finally launched it! It’s been a year in the making but I wanted everything to be really, really great! And there’s so much more coming. I can’t wait!

Since this is my first official post, I wanted to welcome you to and give you an inside look at what this is all about and what you can expect!

A Refreshing Take on Beauty Blogging - Cayley Couture

The slogan for my website is “it’s all about feeling beautiful”, and coming up with this was the easiest part of it all! Creating a tagline was one of the first things I needed to do during the design process. So I slapped it up there thinking I would change it later on but I never did.

The deeper I dove into the content and the concept of, the more I realized feeling beautiful was the beginning and the end of it all. This was the angle I wanted to take with my blog because how we feel affects the very lives we live. How we feel about ourselves affects just about everything we do!

When we feel our best, we are confident, we’re inspired, we’re kind, we’re open, and we’re on. We are alive. We sparkle. We know our worth when we feel beautiful. We get things done! We smile at the world and it smiles back.

This beauty I’m talking about is different for everyone. For you it might come from inside, from giving back, from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, from finally accepting who you are, or from achieving a goal. Maybe you feel most beautiful when you’re wearing your favorite outfit, a great pair of heels, and that fabulous liquid lipstick you just bought. Whatever feeling beautiful is to you, you are at your best… and when you’re at your best, you are unstoppable.

At the same time, maybe you’re reading this and you’re not sure what makes you feel beautiful or maybe you’ve lost the feeling at some point along your journey. I’m sure we have all lost that feeling at some time or another. I’ll be the first to say it’s a hard feeling to maintain in today’s world.

Sometimes, no matter what we do, we still feel like we’re not enough… like we’re not “beautiful”. We buy the lipkit, we volunteer, we squeeze into the dress, we splurge on the $200 handbag, we overdo it at the gym, we eat watermelon for an entire week, and yet we still don’t like the person we see in the mirror.

Well…. I want to change that. I’ve known for quite a while that I needed to start a blog (I love to write) but I wasn’t sure of the direction until this year. I spent a lot of time researching and observing the beauty and fashion blog world and then the motivational blog world. There’s a ton of wonderful and beautiful content out there on the topics but I thought to myself, what I really want to see is the three of those things all in ONE place!

I want to see all the glitz and glamour but with depth and dimension. Show me the trends, teach me a new beauty trick, tell me where to find a great deal on a handbag but build me up too, inspire me, and remind me of my worth! This is what you’re going to see with my blog!

My vision is to create a place where fun tips on beauty products, accessories, and smart shopping come together with an emphasis on confidence, class, and self-love. I want to share with you the things that make me feel most beautiful but it will be eloquently paired with encouragement and lessons on loving yourself! You deserve to be reminded of your beauty! Because after all – Kate Spade, a gym membership, Kylie Jenner’s lipkit, and a shellac manicure will only take you so far. Sometimes, the inside needs a makeover. Sometimes, our mind needs a manicure!

If I have described you or something you want to see in this post, then my blog is for you! This is the start of something beautiful and I can’t wait for what’s ahead in this journey. I don’t promise perfection right off the bat. I still have so much to learn (confession: I’ve never run a website before!) but I have never felt so sure about something and I have so much in store for you!

My hope is that you’ll take this journey with me and that you’ll walk away from what I publish feeling refreshed, inspired, alive, and most of all – beautiful.

I want to end this by thanking you for reading my first ever blog post! Feel free to share this post and send any feedback my way! I would love nothing more than to hear your thoughts! If I’ve made just one person feel better or think differently about the way they see themselves, then I’ve reached my first goal.

When you have the chance, head over to to explore and say hello!

See you there!

– Cayley

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  1. Congratulations Cayley! After reading your intro I know you’re going to succeed. You intrigued and enlightened me. Sign me up!

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