My name is Cayley and I am very excited to have finally started my blog! I’m a 26-year-old Cleveland girl with an eye for pretty things and a desire to share beauty with the world. I’ll be flipping the mirror around to show you how beautiful you are too! Get ready for a whole NEW spin on beauty blogging! 

From the time I was four, I was wearing my mom’s pearls, getting into her bright red Clinique lipstick, and I was known to sport multiple handbags at a time (see below for proof). But there was one thing my mom always reminded me of and that was this – “beauty is only skin deep… it’s important that the inside matches the outside”.


I have been planning and dreaming about producing beautiful and meaningful content for a few years now. I wanted to create a blog where you can find fun tips on makeup and cool shots of lovely little accessories but with an emphasis on confidence, kindness, and class.

I believe there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows her worth… and which lipstick suits her best, of course!

For so long, I was sharing my favorite beauty products, cute accessories, and inspiration on Instagram only, but I felt like I was putting the cart before the horse and limiting myself. I love, love, love sharing on Instagram but alone it was only doing so much. I had more to offer! The way I saw it, a great shot of your newest Kate Spade tote (that you scored for 50% off), a really great motivational quote, or your thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s lip kit are meaningless unless you have a real direction and a place to bring people to for more. That’s when I got to work!

The other piece of this is that I am always being asked about my hair, what products I use, and where I find my accessories (which I almost always snag at a discount). So, for those of you here that know me personally and have always wondered – I’m FINALLY spilling all of my secrets!

When you visit my blog, I hope you feel inspired, beautiful, and refreshed.

Thank you for getting to know a little bit about me! I can promise you great things are ahead!