The Arbonne Experience

I bet you’ve seen Arbonne swirling around your facebook or social circles! I know I have, and with their claims of natural products and dramatic results, I was curious to see what they were all about!

I’ll be honest with you. Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies (better known as pyramid scheme companies) give me the heebie-jeebies. These are companies like Avon, It Works, Younique, Scentsy, Arbonne and so on. I cringe when I’m added to a private Facebook group by a friend’s cousin’s roommate who’s selling leggings with a bacon pattern on them or mascara that promises to quadruple your lash length and secure a date by Friday *wink wink*! No judgment if you sell or like bacon leggings (I’m not even sure if this is a thing). I just personally prefer a gentler, less invasive approach to buying and selling.

Sometimes the approach to selling products from these companies rubs me the wrong way but I realize the people selling them are doing exactly what they’re being advised to do. And I’ll clear the air by saying I love Scentsy and I had a great experience with Arbonne too but that was only because the representatives made it that way! The consultants were informative, realistic, patient, they never invaded my Facebook newsfeed, and I never felt pressured or coerced into buying anything.

I didn’t want to get right into my review of the Arbonne products because I wanted to address possible ill feelings or hesitation of purchasing products from MLM companies like Arbonne. Although curious, I’ll admit I was hesitant myself.

My experience collaborating with this company for my blog, however, was extremely pleasant! A consultant reached out to me shortly after I launched my blog and we discussed the possibility of working together! Because I love trying new beauty products and then reviewing them to inform someone else who’s curious, I thought collaborating with Arbonne would be a great opportunity.

So, the consultant I worked with put together a lovely little basket for me filled with several different products and I agreed to provide an honest review on the Arbonne products I tried! Below I’ll discuss each product and what it did or didn’t do for me!

RE9 Advanced Skincare Line


I’m all over cosmetic companies that pride themselves in either all natural ingredients or products that are formulated without harmful chemicals. Since Arbonne makes similar claims, I had high hopes for these skin products. The RE9 Advanced line is made with key botanicals that slow down aging, tone, and improve the texture of skin.

Unfortunately, I had to rinse steps 2-6 off my face shortly after applying it. My face started to get red and blotchy, my skin was burning (a sure sign that you need to remove the product ASAP), and I started to notice a few hives developing. It appeared as though I was having an allergic reaction to the products. I was bummed! I let Haley, my consultant, know and she told me this might be a reaction/my skin detoxing from my other skincare products. She mentioned that if your skin is used to a harsher facial routine, and then you put a bunch of really natural product on your skin, this could happen. Your experience might be different but keep this in mind if you’re considering these products!

RE9 Smoothing Facial Cleanser


While everything after the cleansing step did not work out so well for me, this cleanser by itself was lovely! It is such a gentle yet effective cleanser. I was using a harsh Neutrogena face wash before switching to something milder, and then I tried this. I do have somewhat sensitive skin but this left it so calm, moisturized and clean!

Pure Vibrance Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner


Alright, when it comes to hair products, I’m cut-throat. I’ve tried hundreds of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. After about one use, I know what the product does and doesn’t do for me. Right now, I have a pretty #HairGameStrong routine but I’m always willing to put another shampoo to the test!

I wish you I could tell you this was magic for me but these are a very standard, cleansing shampoo and conditioner. I would compare them to an Aveda shampoo. It’s almost too natural in the sense that it left my hair looking a bit flat, dry, and dull. Personally, I prefer a bit of shine and more softness. The Pure Vibrance line might be better for someone with darker/colored hair as it claims to retain color and vibrancy for up to 20 washes!

Pure Vibrance ColorLast Hair Spray


I fell in love with the smell of this right away! It’s so fresh! I also liked that it was in a sprits bottle. I’m so used to aerosol cans! The difference between this and my normal hairspray was obvious right away. My hairspray leaves a soft hold over my curls. It keeps them in tact. The ColorLast hairspray, however, left my hair very volumized and texturized! The curls looked more separated or piece-y and they stayed this way! Although my styling technique was the same, this hairspray created a completely different look than my regular hairspray! I loved this!

Makeup Primer


This was another amazing Arbonne product! I thought I wasn’t going to be able to use any of their other products on my skin but this was not the case. This primer glided on and kept my makeup in place all day! I normally use Smashbox’s primer, and I have to say, the wear is almost identical which I know is a HUGE claim! There are so many primers out there right now but if you’re looking into Arbonne’s makeup products, I would highly recommend snagging this guy!


I hope this little review of Arbonne products was helpful! There were a lot of things I loved and some that just did not work out, and that’s ok! I finally got the chance to explore what Arbonne has to offer. If you’re interested in any of the products I have mentioned above, please get in touch with me! If you would prefer to contact a consultant directly or have specific questions, you will find the contact information below of an absolutely lovely Arbonne district manager!

Haley Brown

phone: 216-860-7440


* Disclosure: these products were given to me to sample in exchange for an honest review on As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Each review was based on my personal experience with the product and may vary from your experience. I am not affiliated with Arbonne and will not receive a commission from any purchases.