Summer ’17 Makeup Must-Haves

I blinked and summer was gone! And here we are already in the first official week of fall! Time has been flying lately… and I need it to slow down!

If you’re a religious reader of my blog, please forgive me for seriously slacking on posts! Life took an exciting turn this summer and I’m still adjusting to all of the changes. I’m still learning how to balance my time while continuing to blog regularly… but I’ll get there eventually. I’ll find my rhythm again. My blog is my hobby, my outlet…. something I love and have grown very attached to over the last year. I love using it to share bits and pieces of my life along with my favorite beauty finds and my plan is to continue doing that! Fall is usually when my creative inspiration kicks back in full swing!

And if you’re interested in hearing about my exciting new adventures and endeavors, I’ll be publishing a personal post all about that soon!

Now that the warmest months are behind us (except for those of us in Cleveland #heatwave), I wanted to do a round up of all the summer makeup I’ve been loving and using RELIGIOUSLY! Seriously you guys, I swear by all of the products below. I get asked all the time for summer product recommendations and about my summer makeup routine, and as you might have guessed, it changes as the seasons do – as it should! Most likely, you’ll notice your routine change too. With warmer conditions comes a whole new set of beauty problems and solutions!

I’ve finally nailed down a summer makeup routine, and that routine consists of products that won’t budge in the heat and actually own up to their long-wear claims. These products got me through the hottest, muggiest, most dreadful summer days. For that fact alone, they are SHARE WORTHY!

Urban Decay: De-slick Makeup Setting Spray

Oily T-zone? That won’t be the case anymore during summer with this setting spray! Nothing cuts the shine like this stuff. It’s miraculous, truthfully! I spray it on my face in the morning after finishing my makeup and it keeps the oils at bay for the entire day! It also works to make your skin look like skin again after applying setting powder! I can’t get enough of this stuff!

Clinique: Blended Face Powder

Setting powder is expensive. I’ve tried several brands and besides Dermablend’s, this is one of the best for your money! You’re getting over an ounce for $25 which is the most product I’ve seen for the price range. And it works. I dust this over my foundation and it keeps everything in place on those hot, hot days. For a melt-less look, invest in setting powder!

Marc Jacobs: Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder

Snagging this from my local Marshall’s, I took a gamble on this product’s performance. At over 50% off though, I thought it was worth it for the packaging alone. The pan is HUGE! And as it goes, this just happens to be the best bronzer I’ve ever used! I use it to contour and to bump up my all-over-glow.

Lush: Breath of Fresh Air

Truthfully, I didn’t know Lush made toners/facial sprays but when my aunt gave this to me as a gift, I was excited to give it a try (and, lets be honest, use it in photos/flatlays if nothing else)! I started using it after showering and before bed. It has the most wonderful, all-natural, skin calming ingredients so I thought it would work best to sooth my summer skin overnight. That’s EXACTLY what it does! A few mists before bed = smooth radiance in the morning! It’s the perfect dose of hydration during the summer months!

Neutrogena: Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen Face Stick

When it comes to protecting my skin from the sun, I like natural, extremely lightweight, made-for-sensitive-skin sunscreen. You can typically find all of this in sunscreen made for babies so that’s what I usually reach for. Most of the time, my foundation has sunscreen already built in but if I’m heading to the pool or want extra protection, I’ll use this sunblock stick underneath my makeup. It works almost like a primer! It’s breathable yet still very effective.

Lorac: Matte Pro

I’ve had this palette for years and it’s just one of my very favorites! I use it every single day during the work week for a natural eye look. There are only 8 colors and they’re all matte but I love them for my skin’s complexion. This is great for travel too!


L’Oreal: Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

I’ve moved away from drugstore makeup for the most part just because I’ve found that higher-end products work better for my skin… as you might assume. Most (but not ALL) of the time, you get what you pay for. I’d rather my money go towards quality products that work and last instead of testing several $8 tubes of lipstick or foundations that I know will clog my pores or reek of chemicals. HOWEVER, a lot of the big beauty influencers have been raving about L’Oreal’s Infallible foundation and if they give it a thumbs up, it has to be good… right? Turns out, this stuff is gold! I mix the two lightest shades together (the only downfall) to achieve a skin tone match and once it’s applied in the AM, it DOES NOT BUDGE. It maintains it’s matte, flawless finish all day. You can sweat and sweat and it’s not going to slide. I almost hate that I love this but it works and I prefer it to luxury, long-wear, full coverage foundations… and you can’t argue with $10 foundation.

Urban Decay: Vice Lipstick in shade “Backtalk”

This summer, I moved away from liquid lipsticks for the most part. They can be very drying and I prefer a more natural lip look in the summer. So, I’ll either use a clear or neutral gloss or traditional lipstick like this one from Urban Decay. It’s such a hydrating formula, it lasts for quite a while and this shade is the perfect mauve. If I’m not sporting a simple gloss, it’s a semi-matte lipstick!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Beauty & Accessory Picks Under $150

Nordstrom is not a place I shop frequently but when they run their Anniversary Sale in July, I get pretty excited! You can usually score great discounts on new merch that will be launching the following season (aka fall goodies)!

Last year I picked up a Michael Kors watch and a Ted Baker satchel that were both 50% off! I really didn’t have a shopping game plan for last year’s sale but this year I’m breaking down my top beauty and accessory picks. And although only cardholders have access to the sale right now, July 21st (when the rest of us can shop) is right around the corner! So if you plan on visiting Nordstrom for the sale, make a plan ahead of time and stick to it…. to avoid draining your bank account of course haha!

Bloggers all over the world have narrowed down their fashion favorites from the sale (and I’ve liked/saved/favorited each one of their guides), but as for my 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale breakdown, I’m sharing my beauty and accessory wish list which consists of 8 items UNDER $150 each! These items, after the sale, will increase dramatically in price!

So here’s my wish list for this year’s sale! If you love everything blush, nude lips, and fun flats – this guide is for you too, darlin’!




Ted Baker Dajana Bag

I bought a similar Ted Baker bag at last year’s sale! His designs are just the cutest and I’m especially loving this blush colored satchel!

Halogen “Oliver” Ankle Wrap Flats

These have so much character! I think they’d be a great summer-to-fall transition shoe!

Diptyque Candle Set

I’ve heard the rage about these candles and I think I might be ready to test them out for myself! I love that this year’s Nordy sale offers several minis in a set for a reasonable price! Unfortunately these have SOLD OUT online but may be available in stores!

YSL Lip Set

Like I need another lippie… I can still wish right? The packaging is dreamy and I love the nude shade set.

Kendra Scott “Elle” Filigree Earrings

I’ve been eyeing Kendra Scott’s designs forever. Of course most of her pieces come with a steeper price tag but I think the sale price of these lovely little earrings is very reasonable! Now, the hard part is deciding which of the 3 metals I like the best!

Nars Angel Pride Cheek Palette

What I love most about this palette is that there’s so much included. You get a bronzer, blush, a highlighting shade, and a contour shade. If you’re someone that travels a lot, this might be your go-to just for the convenience alone!

Nike Free Focus Flyknit 2

I’d workout more if I had these… or at least that’s what I’m telling myself! I simply love the color of these sneaks!

Nadri Crossover Ring

I’ve always loved this ring style. Truthfully, it’s everywhere for various price points but I’m a big fan of Nadri and I know they make quality jewelry so I’ve held off on the cheaper crossover rings at places like Forever 21 (which have similar styles for $9 but will turn green after about 2 weeks).


Summer Jewelry Trend Favorites

Hi friends! I feel like it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged (and it has)! It was a busy, chaotic end to the school year so I took the first couple weeks of summer to relax, catch up with friends and family, and enjoy the sunshine! Now that summer is officially here, I can’t wait to jump back into blogging more regularly.

During my two-week hiatus, I also took some time to plan out what I wanted to share with you guys this summer! There’s lots in store so be sure to stay tuned for summer beauty favorites, the best makeup for those hot summer days, the cutest summer accessories, smart spending tips AND a series! That’s right! I’ll be doing a 3-part blog series on a topic I’ve become very passionate about over the last six months. I can’t wait!

So, to kickoff my blog posts for summer, I wanted to share my favorite summer jewelry trends! I love a unique piece and I’ve scored some pretty cute ones recently.

There are two trends in particular that I’m LOVING this season – druzy and geometric shapes! And if you don’t know what druzy is, you’ve probably seen it before! It’s the exposed/glittery effect of a natural stone. It’s a subtle shimmer and I just think it’s gorgeous when it’s used to make jewelry. I also tend to stick with gold jewelry during the summer months because I think it looks best up against glowing skin!

Keep reading to learn more about my three favorite pieces!

Landry Earrings

These geometric drop beauties caught my eye right away! They have a loose, clear stone inside each tier which gives them a little extra sparkle. We’re seeing geometric shapes everywhere this summer, especially with home décor, but I especially love the geometric jewelry trend! These are unlike any pair of earrings I have and have ever seen! If you’re looking to snag these, they are not available online but I found them at Dillard’s!


Panacea Druzy Necklace

Like I said, I’m living for druzy this summer. I love when natural stones and minerals are used to make jewelry and I especially love the unrefined, natural shimmer look of druzy pieces. No two pieces are the same! Currently, my fave is this gold fringe Panacea statement necklace that I spotted at Nordstrom last month. Unfortunately this has sold out on Nordstrom’s website but it’s ON SALE on Panacea’s website right now!

Michael Kors Rings

Another one of my favorite looks/jewelry styles is micropave`. Micropave` is when tiny diamonds or other stones are set close together covering the entire surface of the piece. I love a bold, glimmering statement ring for a night out but for every day, I like to throw on more subtle rings like stackable bands. These micropave` MK bands are perfect for day-wear and, although they’re subtle, I get so many compliments on these! The sparkle is small but mighty!


10 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Hi friends! Last month I took a little poll and asked my readers what they might like to see on the blog in the coming months and I got several great suggestions! Thank you to everyone who sent ideas my way!

As you know, most of my content is about beauty products and my favorite accessories mixed with a bit of positivity and lessons on self-love, but I love blogging about lifestyle topics too! I’m always referring to Pinterest and other blogs for life-hack tips or for general motivation and I find them super helpful! Sometimes we do things our own way for so long or certain areas of life just aren’t our forte and for that – I am so grateful for Pinterest!

That being said, today’s post is all about getting organized! From as far back as I can remember, I was a very organized person. I like to keep my space clean and my things in order. It makes life run so much smoother! I’m also a firm believer that a clean space = a clean mind. I’m aware that some people thrive in a cluttered environment but for the most part, staying organized leads to better habits and a healthier state of being.

On a side note, I’ve been doing a lot of reading/documentary watching on Minimalism! I think it’s absolutely brilliant and the idea behind it is almost mind blowing. Everything about it makes sense. It’s such a beautiful way to live. If you’ve never heard of Minimalism, do yourself a favor, hop on Netflix, and watch “Minimalism” or just look up “The Minimalists” on Google.

It’s a hard feat especially in today’s culture, but I strive to have the minimalist mentality. And while I probably fall extremely short of being considered “a minimalist”, I do what I can to stay organized, only buy and keep what I need, and get rid of anything that doesn’t bring me joy or happiness.

So let’s jump into these tips! Today I’m sharing 10 of my organizational hacks/spring cleaning tips! I live by these tips and I hope they help you too! I promise, life becomes lighter when you get organized and on top of things… you’ll see!

And if you’ve tried any of these, I’d love to hear!

  1. BE A MINIMALIST: or at least try! Go through all of your belongings. When you physically hold each one, ask yourself: “Do I need this? Does it bring me joy? Am I happier with it? Could someone else use it more?” Once you’ve determined the answer to these questions either toss it, donate it, or keep it. You’ll be surprised at how much useless stuff you have!
  2. INVEST IN ORGANIZERS: Browse Walmart or Target for storage systems or plastic bins. For smaller objects like cosmetics, check Amazon for acrylic storage drawers. I recently purchased the one you see above and it’s probably my favorite thing I own! It was worth every penny and it completely decluttered my bathroom/makeup collection. I’m obsessed with it.
  3. USE FELT HANGERS: These are brilliant. Your clothes stay put and they save a ton of space compared to plastic hangers. These are sold at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They come in various quantities and colors too!
  4. TOSS IT: Go through your bathroom and toss old/expired products. Clean out your makeup bag and throw away mascara older than 3 months, lipstick that smells, dried up foundation, and thoroughly clean brushes, sponges, and applicators. It’s easy to forget these things need to be done in order to prevent a nasty infection so set aside a few hours over the weekend and do a cosmetic detox! Seriously, pencil it in!
  5. USE YOUR AGENDA: Yeah you know…. that cute flower one you bought from Target… use it religiously! I prefer the ones with a month’s glance because time moves fast and it’s important to plan your life out 4 weeks at a time! Put everything on this calendar or planner. This keeps you up to speed and on the ball. Use different colored pens and color-code social plans, work events, due dates, bills, family plans etc.
  6. TACKLE THE CLOSET: This goes hand-in-hand with number one. Go through all of your clothes, make two piles, and then determine what will stay and what will go! My grandma always says, “if it stayed on the hanger for a year and you haven’t worn it, you never will”.
  7. SHOW ME THE MONEY: Spring cleaning also includes getting in control of your finances, whether you want to think about that or not. So sit down, pull out the bills, find out what you owe, make repayment plans, and avoid those late fees and that accruing interest. Use a filing system to organize all bills by category or month and put all due dates on your calendar.
  8. REPURPOSE IT: You know the 3-wick candles at Bath & Body Works? You’ll see those repurposed all around my house! Once I’ve burned the candle, I clean the wax out of the glass jar and use it to keep things in. I use these for makeup brushes, Q-tip holders, flower vases, nail polish, and so much more. So even before going out and buying organizers, look around your house to see if there’s something you could reuse as an organizer!
  9. SHOE SHELVES: Another favorite organization hack of mine is wall shelving! Use the space behind doors to install floating shelves. I went to Home Depot and found an affordable shelving system and I use these to keep my shoes and purses organized. This also helps maintain their condition! Before my shoe shelves, I would toss my shoes in a bin or at the bottom of my closet and it destroyed them. Now, it’s easy to see what I have and what I have stays in much better condition.
  10. BUY-SELL-TRADE: If you’re not already a member of a reputable buy-sell-trade Facebook group for your area, get on it! You could also use Faceboook Marketplace! So for that pile of clothes you decided you don’t need anymore and for all that junk that could be someone else’s treasure, you could be getting some easy extra cash! I’ve made hundreds through these groups! DISCLAIMER – you must be EXTREMELY careful when dealing with buy-sell-trade deals. Use common sense. Never give out your address, never go alone, and agree to meet in a well-lit area during the day or better yet, do the exchange at your local police station. I’ve never had a problem but other people have… so be smart about this!


The Best of Tarte Cosmetics

If there’s one cosmetic brand I can get behind, it’s Tarte! I love their beauty philosophy, their packaging, their transparency about ingredients, their promotions, and the overall quality of their products. I’ve been a big fan of Tarte for several years now but just recently, I’ve noticed enormous growth within the brand! They’ve expanded their product line and have come out with some kick a** (practically magic) products! They’ve also done a ton of collaborating/PR with big-name beauty YouTubers which has helped put this brand at the top of the list! #TrippinWithTarte

If you’ve never tried anything from Tarte, get on it sister! You don’t know what you’re missing! Tarte offers such a broad line of products so it’s very easy to find several that meet your skin’s needs. I can’t stress enough the importance of investing in quality makeup and skincare. Trust me when I say, the key to flawless makeup and hydrated, healthy skin is a solid and consistence skincare regimen. Tarte makes this super easy and attainable.

Not only does Tarte do a great job of explaining the uses of every product via their social media channels (follow them on snapchat!), but they also have amazing promotions! Tarte frequently offers 30% off sitewide and this is when I stock up on all of my favorites! You don’t have to go broke taking care of your skin… keep an eye out for these deals or snag a Tarte value set! You can also pop in a Sephora and get free samples of anything!

Since there’s so much hype swirling around the brand right now, I thought I would do a one-brand blog post and share my favorite Tarte products! Usually, I include multiple brands in a post but Tarte is seriously killin’ the game right now. These products and this brand definitely deserve an entire blog post! So if you’re looking for recommendations or you’re ready to dive into the world of Tarte, keep reading!

Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel

This cleanser changed the game for me! I don’t know how I lived without it! In the 6+ months I’ve been using this at night to clean my face, I have noticed dramatic differences in the texture, look, and feel of my skin. It melts my makeup right off and leaves my face feeling hydrated and clean. It’s a deep cleansing gel and yet it’s so gentle. I have very sensitive skin and this has done wonders in reducing redness and balancing the dryness. I would highly recommend this cleanser to anyone!

Shape Tape Concealer

This was so hard to get your hands on a few months ago but Tarte has done their best to keep every shade in stock (on their website at least), and there’s a reason for this! This concealer is absolutely magic! If you use Shape Tape then you know the hype is REAL. This will hide any blemish, discoloration, or dark circle ALL DAY LONG. While it’s hiding the fact that you didn’t get enough sleep the night before, it’s also hydrating your skin! I swear, there’s nothing Shape Tape can’t do. Grab a tube… you’re welcome.

Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation

I always keep a compact of this in my purse for on-the-go touch ups. It effortlessly absorbs t-zone oil but doesn’t leave that cakey look. It’s a fuller coverage powder which you rarely see with face powders and the formula itself is just perfect. It’s matte but wears sort of like a liquid foundation. It’s just so convenient!

Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation

I love, love, love the Rainforest of the Sea Collection by Tarte because it’s so hydrating, gentle, and yet effective! Everything from the collection is infused with natural sea botanicals and good ol’ H2O which makes your skin super happy and healthy looking! I’m someone who’s typically on the dyer side so I always look for a hydrating, long-wearing foundation. I prefer a matte finish as well and this foundation in particular is the perfect combination of all of those things. The coverage is buildable, it doesn’t leave my skin looking greasy, and it lasts all day! This also comes in 21 shades!

Limited-Edition Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint

I’m a real stickler when it comes to my liquid lipstick. I’ve tried dozens and I have my favorites but when I saw Tarte introduce a gorgeous new shade in their Unicorn Collection, I new I had to give Tarte’s lippies a chance! I’m so glad I did because this baby is literally life-proof! Their lip paints dry fast, stay put, are waterproof, and last for hours! This limited-edition lip paint in the shade “Festival” is just b-e-a-utiful!

Blush Is In Bloom: 9 Accessories You Need This Spring

 Happy Spring!

Spring is officially here! Flower buds are starting to peek through the dirt and the weather is warming up!

Spring accessory trends have made their way into magazines and boutiques, and with summer right around the corner, our wardrobes are coming back to life! You might be opting for brighter colors, fun floral patterns, or a pair of flats instead of boots before heading out to work or brunch!

I love to kick off the winter-to-spring transition with soft pastels and neutrals! I slowly start to put away my darker colored clothes and accessories and bring out the pinks, blushes, and nudes!

If you haven’t already done this winter-to-spring accessory transition, keep reading for some springtime style inspiration! Today I’m sharing 9 must-have spring accessories that will have you feeling fresh, alive, and ready for a new season of life!


Kate Spade Laurel Way Jessie Backpack

Try out a backpack in a bright color this season instead of your traditional tote or crossbody! I just snagged a spring-colored Kate Spade bag for $40 at my local TJ Maxx! There was a flaw on the front of the purse which sent it straight to the clearance rack but since it sat there for a week or two, it was marked down a second time! When it was all said and done, the purse was over 80% off! Check your local TJ Maxx first before splurging on a new spring bag! They always have fun colors and unique pieces!


Victoria’s Secret “Crush” Fragrance

Wake up your senses with freshly scented perfume! Push your heavy, muskier winter fragrances to the back and start spritzing on something floral! I’m currently loving Victoria’s Secret “Crush” perfume! It’s so refreshing!


Rose Gold Aviator Sunglasses

You can find this trendy new spin on aviators at Target or Francesca’s! Flat, mirrored frames are so in this season!


Kendra Scott “Tessa” Earrings

You can’t go wrong with anything from Kendra Scott. Her jewelry designs are so classy and unique. I’m totally eyeing these adorable rose quartz studs!


Ted Baker “Rada” Ring

When it comes to spring/summer accessories, it’s all about having fun with brighter colors! I love a fun pop-of-pink statement piece and I think everyone should own a glitzy cocktail ring! This Rada ring is just enough of all of that!


Pink Marble Phone Case

Give your phone a new look! Your current phone case probably went through a lot this winter and it might be time to ditch the dirty, cracked look. Check out eBay or Amazon for a case with a lovely floral pattern or this one in pink marble! Marble is EVERYTHING.


Fresh Flowers

Do yourself a favor and keep your favorite room in the house stocked with fresh flowers! Flowers always put me in a better mood and get me excited about more sunshine and new beginnings! If you think grabbing a $5 bouquet every week at the grocery store is a waste, browse HomeGoods for a faux arrangement like this one!


BP Sky Wedge Sandals

I’m such a wedge junkie…. They’re comfy, they come in literally every color and you can dress them up or wear them with jeans! ….can’t say the same about stilettos, can you? Grab a suede pair to wear in those cooler months before summer hits! This pair from Nordstrom is under $50!


Cluse “La Bohème” Watch

Step out of your comfort zone and try a pink timepiece! Soft blush goes with just about everything anyways!



The Mascara Breakdown: Best & Worst

There are hundreds of mascaras on the market right now! Each has it’s own claim, reputation, and effect. There are high-end mascaras and drugstore mascaras, and the crazy thing is, some of the cheaper tubes of mascara work the same if not better than luxury brands!

I’ve tried dozens of mascaras over the years and by now, I know what I like and what I don’t like. Some brands wear extremely well while others prove to be an immediate “nope”! As for the current top rated mascaras, some have fallen extremely short of their claims and I’ll talk about those below (you might be surprised)! On the other hand, one of my very favorite mascaras happens to be from the drugstore and under $10!

Besides always getting questions about my hair, people are constantly asking me what mascara I use! So I thought it would be fun to devote a whole blog post to what are, in my humble opinion, the best and the worst mascaras! If you’re in the market for some new mascara, let me take all of the work out of it for you and break down the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!

SIDE NOTE: Make sure you’re getting rid of mascara that you’ve had for 4 months or more. After about 4 months, mascara gets dry, clumpy, and something you shouldn’t be putting near your eye!

TIP: If your mascara is under 4 months old but it needs a little life brought back to it before it hits the trash, add a few drops of Visine! This immediately adds safe moisture to your tube and gives you a few more weeks of use!

Maybelline: The Rocket Volum’ Express

This is my absolute FAVORITE drugstore mascara and has been for years! You can find it anywhere for around $7. This mascara separates lashes, adds so much volume, stays put, and doesn’t flake throughout the day! It comes off easily with soap and water too.

Benefit: They’re Real

This mascara is my favorite among the prestige brands! It ranks #2 for best selling mascaras… probably because it creates to-die-for lashes! The formula is silky, not drying, and buildable and yet there is no fallout or running. This mascara produces long and defined lashes!

Maybelline: The Colossal Big Shot

This newly launched drugstore mascara is quickly becoming my new favorite! I trust Maybelline when it comes to mascara so I figured I’d give this new one a chance. It reminds me a lot of the Rocket mascara but it gives even more oomph to my lashes! Similarly, it stays put all day, it doesn’t flake or run, and the wand grabs every lash. For just over $8, this is a fantastic mascara if you’re looking to try something new! MONEY SAVING TIP: Check your mailbox/newspaper for manufacturer coupons! Right now, there is a coupon for $3 off ANY Maybelline mascara!

Too Faced: Better Than Sex

Ok, brace yourself. This is the best selling mascara on all of the top beauty websites…. and yet it’s HORRID! At least for me, the formula was chunky, clumpy on my lashes and a few hours into wearing this, it had run all underneath my lower lash line. I never have this problem with mascara! It was a mess. I returned it the next day. People swear by this mascara but the quality is just not there! For $23, mascara should stay put and create flawless, defined lashes!

Tarte: Lights, Camera, Lashes

This mascara is an older favorite of mine. You can’t go wrong with anything from Tarte! This often sells for half off at Ulta and for $10, it’s a great mascara! It creates a more natural look. It gives your lashes a little curl and it conditions them too!

bareMinerals: Flawless Definition

For a clean, defined, clump-free look, this mascara is what you want! This is another mascara that gives your lashes the natural look. It’s great for everyday wear! The wand is great too because it really separates and defines lashes!

February Favorites: The Rose Edition

The month of February is filled with love, Valentine’s Day celebrations, the color pink, fresh roses, and for me, rose-infused beauty products! My house smells like a rose garden all month long and I try to use products infused with rose oil or rose petals. I think it’s such an underrated and underused ingredient especially in cosmetics! The benefits of using skincare products with roses are endless!

Roses act as a natural anti-inflammatory, a powerful antioxidant, a toner, and a moisturizer. The scent of roses can also reduce levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) in our bodies! It’s truly a magical flower!

Some of the products on the market that contain natural rose ingredients can be on the pricier side because of the process of how ingredients are extracted. This shouldn’t deter you from going out and searching for affordable rose-infused products though! They’re out there! And as for the pricier ones, I’d recommend investing in just one. Some really are worth it!

So, let’s jump into my favorites! Below are the products I’ve been using and LOVING this month! My skin has never been more hydrated and glow-y and I think that might have something to do with all the dreamy rose-infused products I’ve been using!

Lush: Rosy Cheeks



I am so in love with this fresh face mask from Lush! I’ve tried so many from Lush and this one works the best for my skin type! It’s so gentle, calming, it smells amazing, and it leaves my face feeling so soft and restored! This is great for sensitive, irritated skin!

Measurable Difference: Rosehip Oil

I picked this up from TJ Maxx last summer. For the price point ($8), I’m really impressed with the natural ingredients and how moisturizing it is! I use this to remove my liquid lipstick! If you use a liquid lipstick that doesn’t budge, this will remove it effortlessly without drying out your lips!

Fresh: Rose Face Mask

This is one of those pricier products that I was talking about. This face mask will set you back $62….. unless you received the birthday gift from Sephora this year which included a travel-sized version of this liquid gold! This face mask has actual rose petals and a clearer formula that will leave your skin bright and hydrated! I’d recommend grabbing a sample of this at Sephora just to give your skin a little treat! It’s absolutely decadent!

L’Occitane: Ultra Soft Balm in Rose

I’m really not much of a balm person but I couldn’t pass up this purse-sized, rose scented balm and the cause behind it! Proceeds from this purchase helped support women’s entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso. I put this balm on before bed and it restores moisture to my lips and locks it in until morning while giving off a lovely hint of fresh rose petals!

Lush: Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

Ok, ok… I know I’ve mentioned this on the blog already but it’s seriously amazing. The smell is intoxicating (in a good way) and once it’s dropped in the tub, fresh rose petals emerge from the core! I can’t imagine a better way to treat your whole body than a bath infused with rose oil and fresh rose petals!

Kylie Cosmetics: Valentine’s Collection Liquid Lipstick Minis

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on anything from Kylie’s Valentine’s Collection, then you know the obsession is real! I snagged the minis before they sold out and I’m so glad I did! I was a little shocked at how small they were compared to pictures but they really are mighty! I’m not sure if she revamped her formula or what but I’m crazy about these! Every color is to die for. I’ve used them every day since I got them! Of course they’re not infused with rose petals but I had to include these! The blush/rose shades count for something!





The Truth About Love

If I asked you to name everything you love, how long would it take you to say yourself?

Would you even mention yourself?

You need to know that love begins and ends with you.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we get lost in the commercialization of it all and the idea of love that maybe isn’t accurate. We crave the “love” we see in movies. We attempt to foster relationships that maybe aren’t healthy or we go after the “love high” meanwhile the relationship we have with ourselves is far from where it needs to be.

A big piece of my blog centers around inner beauty and self-love. So many of us forget how important it is to love and accept who we are FIRST… yet our entire lives revolve around this, whether you are aware of it or not. How you feel about yourself affects every relationship you have. It will determine how others treat you, and it will alter the way you see the world.

I feel it’s my calling to remind as many people as I can that loving yourself is the most important thing you can and will ever do for yourself. I want to show you how beautiful you are. I want you to know that accepting yourself and fully embracing everything you are is crucial in your journey. You will realize the love you deserve and you will love others in a way that you never have before once you’ve fallen in love with your uniqueness.

The truth about love is that it begins and ends with you. You won’t be whole until you’ve acknowledged this. It might take weeks or years. Every day will come with new challenges and messages that will eat away at the relationship you have with yourself. But the more you understand that you are here for a reason, that you have a purpose, and that you are enough, the stronger you will become. Life will start to fall into place. True love will find its way to you. That’s how powerful all of this is.

So this Valentine’s Day, remember that love…. real, authentic love starts with you and how you feel about yourself. Keep in mind that the relationship with yourself is the foundation for every other relationship you have. The relationship you have with yourself, however, is the most important. Nurture it. Make it a priority. Be intentional about it.

The Loveliest Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her


Happy February, loves! In case you forgot, Valentine’s Day is just 13 days away now and if you’re on the hunt for thoughtful, swoon-worthy gifts then keep on reading!

Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love! Of course it’s become an extremely commercialized holiday, but who doesn’t love receiving a dozen roses, chocolate, and a new piece of jewelry? Even if you don’t have a significant other, this day can be used to show the people you do have in your life just how much they’re loved. That’s what I love the most about February 14th!

There are so many ways to celebrate the day and show your love. Sometimes it’s the gifts that cost the least that say the most! For this post though, I’m sharing the trendiest gifts of the season and the classics.

I’ve created a Valentine’s-inspired gift guide for all the beautiful ladies in your life! Whether you’re shopping for your BFFs, for mom, or the love of your life, these picks will have them feeling loved, pampered, and beautiful!

  • CHLOE “LOVE STORY” PERFUME – This is the most romantic and feminine fragrance! If you’re not sure you want to splurge on a big bottle or you’re worried she won’t like it, pick up the rollerball size and pair it with a bouquet of fresh flowers!
  • ROSES – You can’t go wrong with a dozen red roses! They’re iconic and beautiful. For bonus points, snip the stems to size and arrange them in a vase. For even more bonus points, get creative and arrange them in a non-traditional way or have them ordered in the shape of a heart!
  • SEPHORA FAVORITES “GIVE ME SOME NUDE LIP” SET – If she’s obsessed with lipstick or she’s been wanting to try out subtle lip colors, this is your set. It comes with 6 different colors by buzz-worthy brands!
  • ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS “MODERN RENAISSANCE” PALETTE – If she has a slight makeup obsession and she does not already own this palette, RUN and order this for her! This is the hottest eye shadow palette on the market right now. No other makeup product says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like this one does! I mean, just look at those colors!
  • KATE SPADE CRYSTAL HINGE BANGLE – This is such a beautiful rose gold bangle. It’s elegant and simple with the perfect touch of sparkle.
  • LUSH “ROSE BOMBSHELL” BATH BOMB – Not only does this bath bomb smell amazing, but it lets out real rose petals as it’s dissolving! If she’s not already on the Lush Bath Bomb train, do her a favor and buy her a ticket!
  • KATE SPADE “BE MINE” COIN PURSE – Isn’t this cute? Every time she reaches for some change, she’ll think of you!
  • LUSH “ROSE JAM” BUBBLEROON– For the most delicious, bubbly bath she’ll ever have! This bubble bar creates mounds of bubbles and the softest skin!
  • H&M “LOVE” NECKLACE – This would be such a cute Galentine’s gift for the girls! It’s the most delicate and charming necklace and it’s only $6!
  • OPI NAIL POLISH – If she’s more of a do-it-herself type of girl, swing by your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls and pick up a few bottles of OPI nail polish! They’re only $4 (normally $10)! This is a great gift for your friends too! Throw a few in a cute gift bag with some Dove chocolate!
  • LAFONN CLASSIC SQUARE HALO RING – I’m swooning over this rose gold dream of a ring! It’s just the perfect dose of blush tones and diamonds!
  • AVEDA SPA DAY– Brown Aveda Institutes offer really great prices on spa services because they are learning facilities. You’d never know the difference though! For less than $40, she can have the most relaxing facial! Just scope out your nearest school and grab a gift card!