10 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Hi friends! Last month I took a little poll and asked my readers what they might like to see on the blog in the coming months and I got several great suggestions! Thank you to everyone who sent ideas my way!

As you know, most of my content is about beauty products and my favorite accessories mixed with a bit of positivity and lessons on self-love, but I love blogging about lifestyle topics too! I’m always referring to Pinterest and other blogs for life-hack tips or for general motivation and I find them super helpful! Sometimes we do things our own way for so long or certain areas of life just aren’t our forte and for that – I am so grateful for Pinterest!

That being said, today’s post is all about getting organized! From as far back as I can remember, I was a very organized person. I like to keep my space clean and my things in order. It makes life run so much smoother! I’m also a firm believer that a clean space = a clean mind. I’m aware that some people thrive in a cluttered environment but for the most part, staying organized leads to better habits and a healthier state of being.

On a side note, I’ve been doing a lot of reading/documentary watching on Minimalism! I think it’s absolutely brilliant and the idea behind it is almost mind blowing. Everything about it makes sense. It’s such a beautiful way to live. If you’ve never heard of Minimalism, do yourself a favor, hop on Netflix, and watch “Minimalism” or just look up “The Minimalists” on Google.

It’s a hard feat especially in today’s culture, but I strive to have the minimalist mentality. And while I probably fall extremely short of being considered “a minimalist”, I do what I can to stay organized, only buy and keep what I need, and get rid of anything that doesn’t bring me joy or happiness.

So let’s jump into these tips! Today I’m sharing 10 of my organizational hacks/spring cleaning tips! I live by these tips and I hope they help you too! I promise, life becomes lighter when you get organized and on top of things… you’ll see!

And if you’ve tried any of these, I’d love to hear!

  1. BE A MINIMALIST: or at least try! Go through all of your belongings. When you physically hold each one, ask yourself: “Do I need this? Does it bring me joy? Am I happier with it? Could someone else use it more?” Once you’ve determined the answer to these questions either toss it, donate it, or keep it. You’ll be surprised at how much useless stuff you have!
  2. INVEST IN ORGANIZERS: Browse Walmart or Target for storage systems or plastic bins. For smaller objects like cosmetics, check Amazon for acrylic storage drawers. I recently purchased the one you see above and it’s probably my favorite thing I own! It was worth every penny and it completely decluttered my bathroom/makeup collection. I’m obsessed with it.
  3. USE FELT HANGERS: These are brilliant. Your clothes stay put and they save a ton of space compared to plastic hangers. These are sold at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They come in various quantities and colors too!
  4. TOSS IT: Go through your bathroom and toss old/expired products. Clean out your makeup bag and throw away mascara older than 3 months, lipstick that smells, dried up foundation, and thoroughly clean brushes, sponges, and applicators. It’s easy to forget these things need to be done in order to prevent a nasty infection so set aside a few hours over the weekend and do a cosmetic detox! Seriously, pencil it in!
  5. USE YOUR AGENDA: Yeah you know…. that cute flower one you bought from Target… use it religiously! I prefer the ones with a month’s glance because time moves fast and it’s important to plan your life out 4 weeks at a time! Put everything on this calendar or planner. This keeps you up to speed and on the ball. Use different colored pens and color-code social plans, work events, due dates, bills, family plans etc.
  6. TACKLE THE CLOSET: This goes hand-in-hand with number one. Go through all of your clothes, make two piles, and then determine what will stay and what will go! My grandma always says, “if it stayed on the hanger for a year and you haven’t worn it, you never will”.
  7. SHOW ME THE MONEY: Spring cleaning also includes getting in control of your finances, whether you want to think about that or not. So sit down, pull out the bills, find out what you owe, make repayment plans, and avoid those late fees and that accruing interest. Use a filing system to organize all bills by category or month and put all due dates on your calendar.
  8. REPURPOSE IT: You know the 3-wick candles at Bath & Body Works? You’ll see those repurposed all around my house! Once I’ve burned the candle, I clean the wax out of the glass jar and use it to keep things in. I use these for makeup brushes, Q-tip holders, flower vases, nail polish, and so much more. So even before going out and buying organizers, look around your house to see if there’s something you could reuse as an organizer!
  9. SHOE SHELVES: Another favorite organization hack of mine is wall shelving! Use the space behind doors to install floating shelves. I went to Home Depot and found an affordable shelving system and I use these to keep my shoes and purses organized. This also helps maintain their condition! Before my shoe shelves, I would toss my shoes in a bin or at the bottom of my closet and it destroyed them. Now, it’s easy to see what I have and what I have stays in much better condition.
  10. BUY-SELL-TRADE: If you’re not already a member of a reputable buy-sell-trade Facebook group for your area, get on it! You could also use Faceboook Marketplace! So for that pile of clothes you decided you don’t need anymore and for all that junk that could be someone else’s treasure, you could be getting some easy extra cash! I’ve made hundreds through these groups! DISCLAIMER – you must be EXTREMELY careful when dealing with buy-sell-trade deals. Use common sense. Never give out your address, never go alone, and agree to meet in a well-lit area during the day or better yet, do the exchange at your local police station. I’ve never had a problem but other people have… so be smart about this!


The Truth About Love

If I asked you to name everything you love, how long would it take you to say yourself?

Would you even mention yourself?

You need to know that love begins and ends with you.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we get lost in the commercialization of it all and the idea of love that maybe isn’t accurate. We crave the “love” we see in movies. We attempt to foster relationships that maybe aren’t healthy or we go after the “love high” meanwhile the relationship we have with ourselves is far from where it needs to be.

A big piece of my blog centers around inner beauty and self-love. So many of us forget how important it is to love and accept who we are FIRST… yet our entire lives revolve around this, whether you are aware of it or not. How you feel about yourself affects every relationship you have. It will determine how others treat you, and it will alter the way you see the world.

I feel it’s my calling to remind as many people as I can that loving yourself is the most important thing you can and will ever do for yourself. I want to show you how beautiful you are. I want you to know that accepting yourself and fully embracing everything you are is crucial in your journey. You will realize the love you deserve and you will love others in a way that you never have before once you’ve fallen in love with your uniqueness.

The truth about love is that it begins and ends with you. You won’t be whole until you’ve acknowledged this. It might take weeks or years. Every day will come with new challenges and messages that will eat away at the relationship you have with yourself. But the more you understand that you are here for a reason, that you have a purpose, and that you are enough, the stronger you will become. Life will start to fall into place. True love will find its way to you. That’s how powerful all of this is.

So this Valentine’s Day, remember that love…. real, authentic love starts with you and how you feel about yourself. Keep in mind that the relationship with yourself is the foundation for every other relationship you have. The relationship you have with yourself, however, is the most important. Nurture it. Make it a priority. Be intentional about it.

10 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

As January winds down, you might find yourself fighting the winter blues. It’s cold, cloudy, and there’s just not a whole lot of excitement that happens after the holidays. In some way or another, we are psychologically affected by this shift. The lack of sunshine (Vitamin D) and reduced daylight creates changes in our mood! Because of this, you might be feeling a bit down!

Even if you’re not battling “the blues”, I think it’s always a good idea to be proactive about your mental health. Maybe you just had a really bad day this week or you received some crappy news….   Wherever you’re at, it’s important that you keep your spirits up! It’s so easy to fall into feelings of defeat, doubt, and discouragement especially in those months before spring hits!

So, I don’t know about you but I love a short little mood-booster blog post/Pinterest quote that gets me back on my feet in 3 minutes or less. A few have really helped me in this season of my life, and I thought I could pay it forward by creating my own list of helpful tips for you guys! Below are 10 things that ALWAYS cheer me up. I’m positive they’ll bring light into your life too!

  1. DE-CLUTTER – There are people who would disagree with me but I believe a messy space means a messy mind. A clean and clear environment allows you to feel organized, in control, and less overwhelmed. So clean up around you, get rid of unnecessary junk, sell or donate old clothes, and allow the art of de-cluttering to give you a fresh perspective on life!
  2. HAVE A SPA NIGHT – Soak your hands and feet, give them a little pedicure, paint your nails, take a bath, do a face mask, and put that stress or anxiety AWAY even if it’s just for the night. I try to make at least one of these things a weekly ritual and it completely relaxes and restarts my mood. Your hands and feet never get a day off so take care of them.
  3. PLAN A TRIP – You should always have something planned, whether big or small, to look forward to in the near future. This is a great way to keep your spirits boosted! Plan a cheap weekend getaway with your closest friends or save up for a tropical vacation! Having something like this planned for the end of the year or even mid-year will keep you motivated.
  4. START A NEW HOBBY – Doing something that makes you happy is so, so important. It helps break up the monotony of routine, especially if that routine only consists of eating, sleeping, and working. I picked up blogging and photography recently and it’s changed my life. At the end of the day, no matter what went wrong or right, I have this blog and it makes me happy!
  5. WORKOUT – Ok, I struggle with this one the most… I dread the gym even though I know how important and beneficial it is. Exercising does incredible things for our mental health. When we exercise, we increase the levels of the hormones and chemicals in our brain that are naturally compromised during the winter months.
  6. CALL OR VISIT MOM AND DAD – Did you know scientific studies show hugging a parent, specifically your mom, increases oxtytocin and reduces cortisol (a stress hormone)? That’s right, a simple hug from mom can instantly diminish the blues! So call up the ‘rents and share your fears, let them build you up, and if you’re able, give them a big hug!
  7. HAVE A VIEWING PARTY WITH FRIENDS – If you and your friends have the same favorite TV show, host a viewing party! Every Monday I look forward to having the bestie over for some takeout, a glass of wine, and The Bachelor! It’s so laid back but I really do look forward to it. It brightens up my Mondays!
  8. TRY A NEW LOOK – Considering a new hair color, winged eyeliner, a statement necklace ,or a bold patterned outfit? GO FOR IT! Change things up, revive your inner diva! There’s magic in a fresh haircut, I swear!
  9. CELEBRATE SMALL WINS – If you aren’t positively reinforcing yourself for those victory moments, you’re cheating yourself. Celebrate small accomplishments as much as you can! Give yourself recognition when it’s due. Your faults and disappointments will fade when you realize how far you’ve come.
  10. DO A SOCIAL MEDIA CLEANSE – The grass isn’t greener on the other side, IT’S GREEN WHERE YOU WATER IT. It’s so easy to get swooped up in the distortions social media sometimes feeds us. Actually, it can become quite harmful if you’re not careful. If you often compare or feel depressed after scrolling through Facebook, try to remember this: it’s not fair to judge someone else’s middle to your beginning, your journey in life is unique to you, and above all of that – most people only share the highlight reel.  So clean up that news feed, “hide” what needs to be hidden, and delete as you see fit.

Pick a tip or two and try to stick with it! Your mood will dramatically improve but you have to make an effort! Ultimately, happiness begins and ends with YOU. Once you decide to make being happy a lifestyle, the blues will fade away!

Hang in there, beautiful!

The Beauty of Reflection: Here’s To You, 2016

Here we are at the end of another year! Whether you’re excited for a new year or not, you owe it to yourself to sit back and think about what the year brought. A lot can happen in 12 months, and I thought it might be cool to get a bit more personal with you and share some of my favorite moments from 2016 and what I hope to see in 2017.

One of my favorite things to do is grab my phone and scroll back to the photos from the beginning of the year! It’s crazy when you realize just how much you’ve seen and done in a year’s time. And if you’re someone who gets down about not meeting a goal by the end of the year, take out your phone or something you used to document the last year and I promise you’ll be amazed! You probably did more than you’re giving yourself credit for.

There was a lot that didn’t happen for me this year but, as I looked back, there was SO MUCH that did! Despite the disappointments, my year was filled with so much beauty! I’m always talking to you about inner beauty and the beauty you can buy at Sephora but beauty is ALL around you too! This year I made an effort to LOOK UP and be PRESENT wherever I was. Life became so much richer. When you allow yourself to be in the moment and soak up what’s happening around you, you realize just how blessed you are… no matter where you are in your journey.

So, here are some of the experiences that stood out from 2016. I thought these highlights deserved their moment in the spotlight. If nothing else, they’re a reminder to me that 2016 was filled with so much beauty  –


This year I had an unusual amount of travel opportunities and every single one of them meant so much to me. Looking back, these were my favorite moments!

PITTSBURGH – The year started out with a girls trip to Pittsburgh, PA where I experienced Ikea for the first time! We don’t have one in Cleveland so my best friend and I made a weekend of it. We bought 3 pieces of furniture and somehow shoved it all into my 4 door sedan! We explored the city too which was so much fun, and our hotel was gorgeous! We stayed at the Omni William Penn Hotel. Good lookin’ out, bestie!


SAN FRANCISCO – In March, my cousin and his girlfriend who live in San Francisco needed a dogsitter for 2 weeks… so I jokingly volunteered… naturally. The next thing I knew my phone buzzed with a notification from an airline saying I had a nonstop flight to San Francisco the following week. This kind of stuff DOES NOT happen to me! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities!

So I flew out only to be greeted by their beautiful, ocean-view home which I hadn’t seen in person until then! I was in heaven. The first thing I did was take a walk down to the water. I turned a corner, looked up, and right in front of me was the Golden Gate Bridge! My jaw dropped. It was the most beautiful sight and I’ll never forget that moment. I couldn’t believe I was there. I soaked in every single second!

I did so much in San Francisco! I snuck into Benefit Cosmetic’s headquarters (WHAT A DREAM!), I met up with an old friend from elementary school, networked, drove a Jeep along the cliffs of California, explored the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, tried some new food, met new people, and visited the “Full House” house! It was during this trip that I learned it’s OK to travel by yourself. It’s refreshing and extremely empowering. You learn a lot about yourself. Give it a try!


OUTER BANKS – Then in May, my entire family rented a beach house in Outer Banks! This was a Christmas present to my grandma. It was the first time we had ever gone on vacation with the WHOLE family! There were so many precious moments that week… you might hear a different story from other family members but to me, this time together meant so much. We’re all so busy and rarely in the same city, so I took advantage of this time and got to know my family on a deeper level. It rained most of the week so we had to make the most of it! I thought we did a great job of that… thank God for innovative cousins!

All in all, despite our differences, our time together is limited and there are no guarantees. Because of this, I treasure the moments we’re all in the same room. And if you’re reading this, fam, I love each of you so much. We’re lucky to have each other.


LAS VEGAS – October rolled around and I had a serious case of wanderlust. My best friend and I were throwing around the idea of going to Vegas but with schedules and low funds, it just wasn’t going to happen. It turned out, though, that a trip for 2 was more affordable than we thought!

Fast forward to November, and Happy Birthday to us, we were going to Las Vegas! We were determined to make it happen and it did! We scored a hotel in the middle of The Strip and we had the BEST time! While we were there, we celebrated our birthdays and launching blogs this year… because you know how I feel about celebrating accomplishments!

I rarely travel without my bestie because she’s seriously the best when it comes to traveling efficiently! We had only been to Vegas once before but she knows that place like the back of her hand! She knows the in’s and out’s of EVERYTHING which makes traveling and exploring new places a ton of fun.

During our last trip to Las Vegas, we missed a lot. This time we made excel spreadsheets because we were determined to see everything haha! We explored some of the best hotels on The Strip (Bellagio, Caesar’s, The Venetian, The Cosmopolitan, The Aria). We saw TWO shows which were absolutely thrilling and we ate so much amazing food! It was seriously an epic Vegas trip!


The other big event from 2016 was launching my blog! I started planning at the end of 2015 and I knew it was time to bring this dream to life this year. No matter how much you understand about the world of blogging, you should know that this piece of my life means so much to me. I’ve become so attached! It’s a part of my life that I’m proud of and a dream that finally came to life. I have a lot of growing to do still and I don’t claim to be a professional, but I’m loving sharing with all of you!

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out to me or supported what I’m doing. It means the world! Every single message, e-mail, tip, like, and comment makes my day. I appreciate it more than you know! I fully understand that my content is NOT for everyone, it’s not meant to be and I don’t take offense to anyone that has unfollowed me or “hidden” my updates. I don’t mean to annoy anyone, I just have a simple message for the people that do read my posts and for the girls battling today’s standard of beauty.

For those of you following this journey, I have so much planned for 2017. I hope you continue to read and continue to challenge me. I want this blog to be even better for you in the coming year. I do this to inspire you and to remind you of your TRUE beauty. Please keep sharing, let me know what you want to see, and don’t be afraid to say hello! I want to hear from you!



Love… what a great way to end this!

In 2016, I took a break from dating. I wanted to focus on personal goals and my career. I knew if love came into the picture, those things probably wouldn’t come to be. I wanted to be ALL IN. I wasn’t meeting the kind of guy that I saw myself marrying either. Half of me gave up on love this year and the other half knew I needed to accomplish a few things first before meeting Mr. Right.

Well, as 2017 approaches (deep breath), I think it might be time to start opening myself back up to the idea of sharing my life with someone amazing. I’m ready to fall back in love with LOVE! I feel like I know myself better, I know what I’m looking for, and I think I might find him in 2017. Keep your fingers crossed for me! It’s rough out there!

[PROJECT SPOILER ALERT] If my dating journey is something you think you might like to follow, I’m considering doing a series on it! I might even dive into the world of vlogging (video blogging)! You can laugh with me, cry with me, and share your advice all while watching my [live, unscripted] journey to finding love! What do ya think? All this and MORE on the next, most DRAMATIC season of The Bachelorette coming soon to my blog! LOL!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s and I’ll see you in 2017! Stay Beautiful!






The One Thing You Should Hear Before Watching The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


If you’ve been on Instagram lately or you’re a fan of Victoria’s Secret, then you know tonight is the “sexiest” night on television. It’s that time of year again when girls all over the world curl up on their couches to watch supermodels strut their stuff on the runway wearing incredibly ornate lingerie and let’s not forget about the wings! Oh, the wings!

I’m not going to lie to you, I have the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show set to record. Every year I watch in awe. I love it! The creativity, the beauty, and the designs are absolutely captivating. And can we talk about The Weeknd performing in the background? It’s just a brilliant collaboration!

But let’s be honest. All of what you’re seeing is a precisely calculated marketing strategy. Victoria’s Secret wants you in the store the next day searching for the diamond-crusted push-up bra, and sadly, they don’t give a damn about your self-esteem.

But I do… I care, and I have a very specific message for every girl watching the fashion show tonight. There are a few things you need to know.

It’s ok to appreciate the beauty of it all and the incredible, $12 million production that it is. You might even envy the bone structure or the physique of the models but you need to know what true beauty really looks like.

True beauty comes from within. Who you are on the inside – your energy, your spirit, your innate gifts and abilities, your strength, and how you treat people is what makes you beautiful.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend at the gym, how much makeup you own, or how “sexy” your bra is. All of it is meaningless unless you understand your worth and realize that what kind of person you are on the inside is what defines your beauty.

Brands like Victoria’s Secret work very hard to make you believe the opposite. Their objective is to make you think that you need their product in order to be beautiful. I fall for it all the time. In fact, a good chunk of my content is beauty product blogging! And sometimes we do feel more beautiful when we’re wearing beautiful things, but it’s all worthless unless you love the person underneath the makeup or in this case, the Victoria’s Secret bra.

So if you’re one of the 500 million people expected to tune in tonight, remember that beauty is not just what you see on your TV screen. It’s not just what you wear or how you look. Beauty comes from within. It’s loving and accepting every part of who you are.



10 Things You Should Know By 26

A birthday is always a good time to sit back and reflect on your life during the past year. A lot can change during this time. It’s important that we account for this, take inventory of what’s come and gone, and determine where there’s been growth.

There’s no doubt you’ve grown in some way since your last birthday. You have most definitely changed. Maybe you’ve accomplished a big goal or embarked on an entirely new adventure. Maybe you were challenged. Maybe you’ve overcome. All of this should be celebrated! These are the moments that make us who we are.

We should always be evaluating our situation, our mindset, and our takeaway from all that we’ve experienced in a year’s time. It’s easy to forget little moments of triumph. It’s important that we stop, at some point, and reflect. By giving yourself the opportunity to look back on the mountains you’ve climbed this year, you are acknowledging and reinforcing that you are, in fact, growing. You will begin to realize how capable you truly are.

I turn 26 this week and as I sat down to reflect on all that has changed since my last birthday, I realized there was so much I’ve learned. I’m more myself than I’ve ever been. Part of that is due to growing older and wiser, but the other big part was deciding that my daydreams shouldn’t be daydreams anymore. It was time to bring them to life and that’s exactly what I did. To sum it up, I realized that you find yourself when you take risks and allow yourself to do what you absolutely love to do.

The importance of following a dream was my biggest takeaway this year but there was so much more that came a long with that. Here are 10 other pieces of wisdom that I’ve gained along the way. For the 20-somethings out there approaching 26 or waving goodbye to your early twenties, I hope these 10 things inspire you and challenge you.

  1. PLANS CHANGE – I don’t mean the plan to get brunch with your bestie… I mean the plans for your life. How many of us developed a timeline at a very young age (married by 21, first kid by 22, second by 23, doctor by 25, millionaire mogul by 27)? Ha! What a joke looking back, right? Sure, we thought it would happen just like that…by now…but it didn’t. Not quite like that. Or maybe what you thought was your dream career wasn’t your dream career after all. Maybe you had to go back to the drawing board. Maybe you went through a devastating breakup. Life is always changing. There will be seasons of discomfort. You will be uncomfortable at times but remember life moves fast. If doors are closing, learn to dance in the hallway. If things aren’t how you want them right now, they’ll change. Be flexible. Embrace these moments. They’re teaching you something.
  1. YOUR HAPPINESS DEPENDS ON YOU – You and only you control your happiness. Never place that responsibility on someone else. Your happiness is important, and it can be derived from the people you love, but remember that they do not control it. You do.
  1. THERE IS NO MORE SETTLING – Demand quality in all things. Respect yourself and require this from others. Your standards should be set by now and they should never, ever be compromised. If you have a list of qualities you’d like in a husband or a boyfriend, stick to them. He will find his way to you. In 10 years, you’ll be glad you stuck to that list. This goes for your career, friendships, and lipstick too.
  1. IT’S NOT YOUR JOB TO LIKE ME, IT’S MINE – That’s right! You could be the sweetest, loveliest, juiciest peach there ever was and there will be someone who doesn’t like peaches. Not everyone is going to be a fan of you or what you’re doing. Maybe it’s because of jealousy, insecurities or just preference but that’s really none of your business. Do you like you? Are you happy with who you’ve become? If the answer is yes, keep moving forward and stay true to yourself.
  1. WHEN IT’S TIME TO LET GO – Whatever is harmful, depleting, toxic, abusive, degrading, negative, coercive, dangerous, manipulative, foul, or demeaning – let it go. It’s time. Have the strength. Cut these things and people from your life and never look back. They will destroy you.
  1. HOW AND WHEN TO SAY “NO” – By 26, this word should easily flow from your mouth (and without guilt). I don’t mean go around burning bridges, but you know yourself better than anyone. You know your limits. If it’s not right for you, if it takes more from you than you’re willing to give, if it makes you uncomfortable, if you aren’t interested then the word you’re looking for is “no”. You owe nobody an excuse after this word either.
  1. YOUR WORTH – We all have our lows and we forget who we are more often than we’d like to admit. The littlest things can tear us right down to the ground. Social media has a way of doing that too. Here is what you should know: you are here for a reason, you have a purpose, you are beautiful, you are unique, and no matter what anybody tells you – you are worth so much.
  1. ALONE TIME IS IMPORTANT – Whether you are married, in a relationship, or single, taking time for yourself is important. This is your time to find yourself, regroup, focus, and relax. For some of you, this alone time is going for a run (yes, a Target run counts too) without your significant other. For others, alone time might be an entire year. Maybe you have decided to give the dating scene a break to focus on your goals (I did!). Whatever this means for you, take this time.
  1. PRACTICING MINDFULNESS IS IMPORTANT – Have you ever been around someone that never enjoys the moment? They’re always looking ahead or racing their way through life. Maybe this is you. Stop that! No matter what you’re doing, who you’re with, or where you are, BE THERE. Be in that moment. Take it in. How does it make you feel? Take inventory of what’s around you. Life is so much more beautiful when this becomes a habit.
  1. A BELIEF IN SOMETHING – I struggle with this every single day. I have a lot of questions. I get angry, but of all that I’ve seen in this life, I know without a doubt that there’s someone…something bigger than me in control. I have to have faith that one day all of this will make sense. For now, this brings me peace.

It’s All About Feeling Beautiful – A Welcome Letter from CayleyCouture.com

I have been dreaming about starting a blog for the longest time and, on November 1st, I finally launched it! It’s been a year in the making but I wanted everything to be really, really great! And there’s so much more coming. I can’t wait!

Since this is my first official post, I wanted to welcome you to CayleyCouture.com and give you an inside look at what this is all about and what you can expect!

A Refreshing Take on Beauty Blogging - Cayley Couture

The slogan for my website is “it’s all about feeling beautiful”, and coming up with this was the easiest part of it all! Creating a tagline was one of the first things I needed to do during the design process. So I slapped it up there thinking I would change it later on but I never did.

The deeper I dove into the content and the concept of CayleyCouture.com, the more I realized feeling beautiful was the beginning and the end of it all. This was the angle I wanted to take with my blog because how we feel affects the very lives we live. How we feel about ourselves affects just about everything we do!

When we feel our best, we are confident, we’re inspired, we’re kind, we’re open, and we’re on. We are alive. We sparkle. We know our worth when we feel beautiful. We get things done! We smile at the world and it smiles back.

This beauty I’m talking about is different for everyone. For you it might come from inside, from giving back, from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, from finally accepting who you are, or from achieving a goal. Maybe you feel most beautiful when you’re wearing your favorite outfit, a great pair of heels, and that fabulous liquid lipstick you just bought. Whatever feeling beautiful is to you, you are at your best… and when you’re at your best, you are unstoppable.

At the same time, maybe you’re reading this and you’re not sure what makes you feel beautiful or maybe you’ve lost the feeling at some point along your journey. I’m sure we have all lost that feeling at some time or another. I’ll be the first to say it’s a hard feeling to maintain in today’s world.

Sometimes, no matter what we do, we still feel like we’re not enough… like we’re not “beautiful”. We buy the lipkit, we volunteer, we squeeze into the dress, we splurge on the $200 handbag, we overdo it at the gym, we eat watermelon for an entire week, and yet we still don’t like the person we see in the mirror.

Well…. I want to change that. I’ve known for quite a while that I needed to start a blog (I love to write) but I wasn’t sure of the direction until this year. I spent a lot of time researching and observing the beauty and fashion blog world and then the motivational blog world. There’s a ton of wonderful and beautiful content out there on the topics but I thought to myself, what I really want to see is the three of those things all in ONE place!

I want to see all the glitz and glamour but with depth and dimension. Show me the trends, teach me a new beauty trick, tell me where to find a great deal on a handbag but build me up too, inspire me, and remind me of my worth! This is what you’re going to see with my blog!

My vision is to create a place where fun tips on beauty products, accessories, and smart shopping come together with an emphasis on confidence, class, and self-love. I want to share with you the things that make me feel most beautiful but it will be eloquently paired with encouragement and lessons on loving yourself! You deserve to be reminded of your beauty! Because after all – Kate Spade, a gym membership, Kylie Jenner’s lipkit, and a shellac manicure will only take you so far. Sometimes, the inside needs a makeover. Sometimes, our mind needs a manicure!

If I have described you or something you want to see in this post, then my blog is for you! This is the start of something beautiful and I can’t wait for what’s ahead in this journey. I don’t promise perfection right off the bat. I still have so much to learn (confession: I’ve never run a website before!) but I have never felt so sure about something and I have so much in store for you!

My hope is that you’ll take this journey with me and that you’ll walk away from what I publish feeling refreshed, inspired, alive, and most of all – beautiful.

I want to end this by thanking you for reading my first ever blog post! Feel free to share this post and send any feedback my way! I would love nothing more than to hear your thoughts! If I’ve made just one person feel better or think differently about the way they see themselves, then I’ve reached my first goal.

When you have the chance, head over to CayleyCouture.com to explore and say hello!

See you there!

– Cayley