Favorite Bangles & Bracelets

I love the way a simple bangle or bracelet can jazz up any look! I think, besides rings, bracelets are my favorite accessory! I scored so many cute ones last year. They’re all so different and fun but I feel like I finally have ALL the basics… you know – a few gold, a few silver, some rose gold, and then a statement piece or two! But I definitely have my favorites and I’ll share those below!

I had my moment with both Pandora and Alex and Ani but I have to say, I actually prefer unique, boutique-y pieces! No judgment if you have Alex and Ani bracelets up to your elbow, I dig it! For this post, though, I’m talking mostly about the no-name bracelets hiding underneath a pile of tangled necklaces in the sale section. That is where treasures are hidden, my dear!

Of course I gravitate toward pricier, sparkly, precious metal wrist candy (come to me, Cartier) BUT I found that you can still get that look without going broke! Three of my favorite and most complimented bracelets were UNDER $10… So, if you look hard enough you’ll find the steals!


How gorgeous are these bangles? I found the silver set this summer at TJ Maxx and I hadn’t seen anything like them there since…. until last week when I found them at the same TJ Maxx in rose gold! They’re just the prettiest! I’ve seen them in one other style too so check your local TJ Maxx for these!


Really, you can’t go wrong with Kate Spade. This is the simplest and classiest bangle! It’s the perfect yellow gold bangle. It has a shiny, 12-karat gold finish with “Kate Spade” and “HEART OF GOLD” inscribed on the inside. This is my favorite “every day” bangle. It’s just precious!


I’ve been all about tassels lately so when I opened these on Christmas morning, I was all (emoji with the heart eyes)! My mom found this one at Dillard’s tucked under a bunch of other bracelets. She has such a good eye! There are 5 delicate bangles attached by a tassel charm. This bracelet is so light and dainty but so feminine. Gold glimmer and tassels… yes please!


I swear, Dillard’s has the best clearance jewelry. These bracelets were on clearance for $7 and people go nuts over these when I wear them! They’re so simple and light but the beads have a sparkle to them. I had to have gold and silver. Also, I love that they’re adjustable! That style of bracelet is where it’s at right now!

So these are the bracelets and bangles I’ve been LIVING for lately! Before running out of the house for the day, I throw on one or two and they just add something special to whatever I’m wearing! People are always asking me where I get them so I thought I’d share!

Do you have a favorite bracelet? Are you a stack girl or do you prefer just one bangle? Do you have a favorite design? Let’s chat!








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