Summer ’17 Makeup Must-Haves

I blinked and summer was gone! And here we are already in the first official week of fall! Time has been flying lately… and I need it to slow down!

If you’re a religious reader of my blog, please forgive me for seriously slacking on posts! Life took an exciting turn this summer and I’m still adjusting to all of the changes. I’m still learning how to balance my time while continuing to blog regularly… but I’ll get there eventually. I’ll find my rhythm again. My blog is my hobby, my outlet…. something I love and have grown very attached to over the last year. I love using it to share bits and pieces of my life along with my favorite beauty finds and my plan is to continue doing that! Fall is usually when my creative inspiration kicks back in full swing!

And if you’re interested in hearing about my exciting new adventures and endeavors, I’ll be publishing a personal post all about that soon!

Now that the warmest months are behind us (except for those of us in Cleveland #heatwave), I wanted to do a round up of all the summer makeup I’ve been loving and using RELIGIOUSLY! Seriously you guys, I swear by all of the products below. I get asked all the time for summer product recommendations and about my summer makeup routine, and as you might have guessed, it changes as the seasons do – as it should! Most likely, you’ll notice your routine change too. With warmer conditions comes a whole new set of beauty problems and solutions!

I’ve finally nailed down a summer makeup routine, and that routine consists of products that won’t budge in the heat and actually own up to their long-wear claims. These products got me through the hottest, muggiest, most dreadful summer days. For that fact alone, they are SHARE WORTHY!

Urban Decay: De-slick Makeup Setting Spray

Oily T-zone? That won’t be the case anymore during summer with this setting spray! Nothing cuts the shine like this stuff. It’s miraculous, truthfully! I spray it on my face in the morning after finishing my makeup and it keeps the oils at bay for the entire day! It also works to make your skin look like skin again after applying setting powder! I can’t get enough of this stuff!

Clinique: Blended Face Powder

Setting powder is expensive. I’ve tried several brands and besides Dermablend’s, this is one of the best for your money! You’re getting over an ounce for $25 which is the most product I’ve seen for the price range. And it works. I dust this over my foundation and it keeps everything in place on those hot, hot days. For a melt-less look, invest in setting powder!

Marc Jacobs: Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder

Snagging this from my local Marshall’s, I took a gamble on this product’s performance. At over 50% off though, I thought it was worth it for the packaging alone. The pan is HUGE! And as it goes, this just happens to be the best bronzer I’ve ever used! I use it to contour and to bump up my all-over-glow.

Lush: Breath of Fresh Air

Truthfully, I didn’t know Lush made toners/facial sprays but when my aunt gave this to me as a gift, I was excited to give it a try (and, lets be honest, use it in photos/flatlays if nothing else)! I started using it after showering and before bed. It has the most wonderful, all-natural, skin calming ingredients so I thought it would work best to sooth my summer skin overnight. That’s EXACTLY what it does! A few mists before bed = smooth radiance in the morning! It’s the perfect dose of hydration during the summer months!

Neutrogena: Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen Face Stick

When it comes to protecting my skin from the sun, I like natural, extremely lightweight, made-for-sensitive-skin sunscreen. You can typically find all of this in sunscreen made for babies so that’s what I usually reach for. Most of the time, my foundation has sunscreen already built in but if I’m heading to the pool or want extra protection, I’ll use this sunblock stick underneath my makeup. It works almost like a primer! It’s breathable yet still very effective.

Lorac: Matte Pro

I’ve had this palette for years and it’s just one of my very favorites! I use it every single day during the work week for a natural eye look. There are only 8 colors and they’re all matte but I love them for my skin’s complexion. This is great for travel too!


L’Oreal: Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

I’ve moved away from drugstore makeup for the most part just because I’ve found that higher-end products work better for my skin… as you might assume. Most (but not ALL) of the time, you get what you pay for. I’d rather my money go towards quality products that work and last instead of testing several $8 tubes of lipstick or foundations that I know will clog my pores or reek of chemicals. HOWEVER, a lot of the big beauty influencers have been raving about L’Oreal’s Infallible foundation and if they give it a thumbs up, it has to be good… right? Turns out, this stuff is gold! I mix the two lightest shades together (the only downfall) to achieve a skin tone match and once it’s applied in the AM, it DOES NOT BUDGE. It maintains it’s matte, flawless finish all day. You can sweat and sweat and it’s not going to slide. I almost hate that I love this but it works and I prefer it to luxury, long-wear, full coverage foundations… and you can’t argue with $10 foundation.

Urban Decay: Vice Lipstick in shade “Backtalk”

This summer, I moved away from liquid lipsticks for the most part. They can be very drying and I prefer a more natural lip look in the summer. So, I’ll either use a clear or neutral gloss or traditional lipstick like this one from Urban Decay. It’s such a hydrating formula, it lasts for quite a while and this shade is the perfect mauve. If I’m not sporting a simple gloss, it’s a semi-matte lipstick!