Top 4 Bootie Picks

I don’t know about you but booties are my fave! You can find me wearing them whenever the snow is ankle-deep! I used to be a big fan of riding boots, which fall just below the knee, but then shorter-length boots started killin’ the shoe game and seriously… the design possibilities are endless. I feel like there are so many different styles when it comes to the little guys! And there’s no wrong way to wear them! I like to roll my jeans up so the cuff hits just above the top of the boot!

There are so many gorgeous, well-made, and budget friendly booties on my shoe shelves the market right now but I’m narrowing down my top 4 favorites! As always, I didn’t pay full price for any of these! Some are from last season but I will give you the scoop on where I found each for $65 or less!

Juicy Couture – Rhinestone Ankle Boots

Aright so initially I pulled these off the shelf as a joke last month on Black Friday. I couldn’t actually wear these, I thought, and then I put them on! And if you know me, you know that if it sparkles or shines in any capacity, it’s love at first sight… I need it. I walked around the store in these for a hot minute and my mind was made up. These babies were coming home with me! Now they’re definitely not every day booties, they’re very flashy, so I’ve decided they’ll make their debut on New Year’s Eve! They were 50% off plus I used a 30% off coupon on top of that. You can find them at Kohl’s!

TOMS – “Leila” Bootie

This is another pair that I would consider somewhat of a statement bootie. They’re a bit different than your average TOMS bootie or really any standard black or brown boot. They consist of two different textures… the toe is grey wool while the ankle/top portion is a shimmery grey textile material (they had me at “shimmer”)! The zipper on the back has fun tassels attached to them too! I bought these online so I was worried they’d be too much for me but there’s just something special about them! Not to mention, they’re so well made and comfy. I purchased them from Neiman Marcus last January when they were 30% off and then I registered for their e-mails which saved me another 10% on my purchase! You can find these on sale on right now!

Aldo A+ for Target – “Isa” Bootie

Last fall Aldo teamed up with Target! Among the collection came the “Isa” bootie in the dreamiest taupe color. I’m picky about my taupe, tan, and beige boots… they have to be on the cooler side versus a warm tan or brown. I eyed these for a good month because I really didn’t want to pay $45 for them. I’m glad I waited because before I knew it they were nearly half off! But I had to do unspeakable things to get the last pair in my size! Just kidding… but it was hard to track down the size I needed! They were flying off shelves. Fast-forward to a year later, I’ve nearly worn them to the ground! They’re extremely versatile (if you don’t mind a 3.5 inch heel) and for being a Target shoe, they’re holding up just fine! Sadly, you won’t come across this exact boot this season but Aldo has similar styles currently!

Circus by Sam Edelman – “Jolie” Fringe Ankle Bootie

These bad boys might just be my every day faves! They are seriously the! Every now and then I like a boot that clicks on the ground like a stiletto heel would (safety alert: do not wear boots that click on those slippery, icy days)! It just makes me feel a little more in charge haha, and even though they “click”, the heel is only ¼ of an inch! So they’re super comfy, super fun with the side tassel business going on, and they’re all leather which I love in a shoe! They’ll last for quite a while. These booties were a TJ Maxx find so they were significantly discounted from the original $90 price tag! I’m always leery about why higher-end shoes are there or discounted… I wonder if they’re uncomfortable or if there’s a flaw but these Sam Edelman booties turned out to be a huge score! I get so many compliments when I wear them! Always check your local TJ Maxx for the best prices on designer boots!

Well, these are my “favorite four” when it comes to booties! I’ve been loving each pair this season!

Do you have a favorite pair? I’m always looking for recommendations ; )

Stay warm, beauties!